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Trigger Point (Dry) Needling



Do you suffer from tense muscles? Is it always the same place that bothers you? Or have you been struggling with muscle pain for a long time? Then (Dry)Needling can relieve you of your pain!

Trigger-Point (Dry)Needling is a treatment method that uses sterile (single use) acupuncture needles. It restores disturbed local or segmental tissue regulation (homeostasis) with techniques that suit the sensitivity of the client (and/or their tissues).


A trigger point (muscle knot) is a self-sustaining, excitable site located in a skeletal muscle or its associated facie. Trigger points are caused by repeated (static) muscle contractions with low force, postural problems, overload, direct traumas, injuries and stress.


After anamnesis conversation, it will become clear whether this treatment suits you. This treatment is combined with a (sports) massage.

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