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COVID-19 Update


We remain open!


Since I am affiliated with the WKKGZ, I can continue to treat clients with a care question.

You can continue to book online via the Book Now button or call +31 6 27 03 4850.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

We've got your back!

We are excited to reopen our doors to you from March 3, 2021.


You can book online via the Book Now button or call +31 6 27 03 4850.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Measures and Protocols

In order to guarantee safety as much as possible and to minimize the risk of contamination, I also ask you to adhere to certain guidelines so that the massage practice is a place where everyone who is healthy can be treated with peace of mind.


When the practice is opened, the protocol below will be used. This lists the measures that will be adhered to; these have been broadly drawn up by the Dutch Association for Sports Masseurs (NGS) in consultation with the government and RIVM. With this you can be assured of minimal risk while receiving a massage.


We only make appointments with people of whom we know with reasonable certainty that they are healthy and that they do not fall under the risk groups as defined by the RIVM. We do this on the basis of a (telephone) triage / health check.


If, after the appointment, you still develop complaints (coughing, cold complaints, increase or fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell and/or taste), we request that you cancel the appointment. In addition, we have taken additional measures in practice with regard to hygiene.

The following applies to all clients: You cannot make an appointment if you answer YES to one of the following questions::

  • Have you had one or more of these complaints in the past 24 hours: cough, cold complaints, increase or fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell and/or taste. 

  • Do you currently have a roommate/family member with a fever and/or shortness of breath?

  • Have you had the new coronavirus (diagnosed with a laboratory test) and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days?

  • Do you have a housemate/family member with the new coronavirus (determined with a laboratory test) and did you have contact with this housemate/family member less than 14 days ago while he/she still had complaints?

  • Are you in quarantine because you:

    • had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new corona virus?

    • have returned from a COVID-19 risk area


What do we ask of you?

  • In general: do not shake hands, wash hands, cough and sneeze into the elbow and use paper tissues.

  • Don't come too early, so preferably just before the appointment time.

  • Come alone, we like to limit the number of people in the practice.

  • On arrival you wash your hands (or use the hand alcohol) at the designated place.

  • Keep 1.5 meters away from other clients.

  • If possible, try to avoid touching door handles, table surfaces and chairs with your hands as much as possible.

  • Please note that the toilets are temporarily closed.

  • Do you have doubts about your health on the day of the appointment? Please contact us by phone before the appointment to discuss whether your appointment can go ahead.

  • Payment is preferably made via a pin payment (contactless)

  • We will of course not charge for canceled appointments due to health considerations.

  • Always follow the instructions of the masseur.

  • We hope for your understanding that due to this situation your appointment may take place later than you had hoped.

  • If you do not feel comfortable fulfilling your existing or existing agreement, we naturally understand.

Our precautionary measures:

  • The masseur has no symptoms.

  • We do not shake hands upon entry.

  • After each client, we clean and/or disinfect all contaminated surfaces and areas where you have been.

  • We ventilate and/or air the treatment room.

  • We plan more time for the appointments to allow for all precautions.


We look forward to serving you again as you are used to from us.


We will continue to inform you about further developments.


Stay healthy, stay safe, stay happy

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